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Today is Friday, November 28, 2014

        Welcome to CyberSalad: My Digital Pursuits. Wait! CyberSalad is not a restaurant, but it does have a menu of interesting, informative, and just plain fun sites. Browse a menu that includes cats, the Commonwealth of Virginia, great recipes, gardening, and keeping track of time, as well as free graphics, a web design service, and wellness and health promotion information. (After all...variety is the spice of life.)
Check out our menu and treat yourself to:
Pansy 2001 Icon Just Cats A site dedicated to cats. Visit the kitties' pages, webrings, a
memorial to a wonderful cat, Rainbow Bridge, favorite links,
seasonal cat graphics, an animal advocacy page, and much more.
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Pansy 2001 Icon Kitchen Pursuits
(Formerly Let's Eat)
A site with lots of wonderful tried and true recipes. A wide
variety of recipes are presented, from appetizers to desserts;
from quick convenience foods to slow cookers to home canning.
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Pansy 2001 Icon State
of Mine
   This site is devoted to the Commonwealth of Virginia. Tour
   the state, from the Blue Ridge Mountains, to northern Virginia,
   to the coast. Virginia has it all. Slogan: "Virginia is for lovers."
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Pansy 2001 Icon Somewhere
In Time
A site that will orient you...even if you don't want to be. Check
out the various clocks, calenders, moon phases, and day/night
maps. A "just for fun" site where you can while away the hours.
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Pansy 2001 Icon The
Crayon Box
Come see our small but constantly growing collection of free
web graphics. We have graphic sets and will be adding more
frequently. If you have any requests, just let us know!
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Pansy 2001 Icon An Ounce of
This page provides information about health promotion and wellness. This site is not intended to or claim to offer medical advice; see your physician for medical problems.
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Pansy 2001 Icon Garden
   Here's where I'll introduce you to my garden through pictures
   and my journal, and perhaps to offer a little help and the
   benefit of my experiences--both succesful and not so successful.
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Pansy 2001 Icon Holiday
   Look here to see pictures of my Christmas (and other seasonal
   and holiday trees) and other decorations.
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       Combine all of this on one site and you have an appetizing, delectable, and satisfying experience called CyberSalad. We'll be adding ingredients constantly, so bookmark this site and come back often to see what new creation we've cooked up for you. For now, sit back and relax, get comfortable, take a deep breath, and dive on in to...

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